Grand Opening RAC

Dear active students!

The new student building is open and that means the RAC is open! What is the RAC you might wonder? The RAC is the place to be! Why? Well, what do you think of a free fitness center? Only a fitness center..? No!! Next to a free fitness center there is a free gym, free group lessons, and best of all there will be free tournaments with prizes and a wall of fame for the winners.

The fitness center is well equipped with all a lot of different equipment, treadmills, bicycles, weights, and more machines. There are even bicycles with a game on them, so you can race your friends.

The gym

The gym is being used every day for free sport, activities open to all students. There are many wonderful sports every day. You can train while listening to the best music and enjoy your time together with  lots of other students who already use the gym on a daily basis. There are also daily intramural sports, they are free and all students can just drop in and join. The schedule is added at the bottom.

Next to that there is a a great loft, why is it great you might wonder. Well there are people dancing almost every day and there are also free group lessons. Currently the group lessons provided are:

  • Boot camp with Ashley   (on Monday and Wednesday 12-1 pm)
  • Yoga with Mary                  (On Monday and Wednesday 2-3 pm)
  • Boot camp with Katie      (On Monday and Wednesday  5:30-6:30 pm and 7-8 pm)
  • Zumba with Reeni            (On Tuesday 5-6 pm)
  • Yoga with Savannah        (On Tuesday and Thursday from 7:30-8:30 pm)


Intramural sport 2016 foto


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