Basketball champions

The spring Quarter is almost over and it was a tough basketball league. There were many good teams however only one team could get away with the prize.

After almost winning the past tournaments it is our great pleasure to declare Team Fresh the undefeated champion of the Spring quarter basketball league.


Team Fresh

We hope to see all teams again during future leagues and below are some photos made during the league.

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Basketball last round

The basketball league is almost over, one more night to prove who is the best and who will win the glory and the prize. Monday the 5th of June(next Monday) will be the day of the league. The last champions of this quarter will be chosen. They will earn their place like many teams did before on the wall of fame.



The schedule will be the last week of the Basketball bracket, we hope to see all of you next week and we wish all teams the best of luck!

The winning team of the basketball league will join the other winning teams of this spring quarter.